“People Mover…” – Big Sean’s Finally Famous: The Mixtape

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big sean

Kanyeezy did well by picking up on this young cat & signing him to G.O.O.D.

When I first heard him on “Get’cha Some” from the Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape, I was undecided like I always get with new artists. His voice was intriguingly nasal, almost whiny, and I think that’s what initially caught my attention. Well, that plus his deft wordplay. It left me @ a point where I said to myself, “Self, let’s wait & see what he does on some more songs.” because I feel like I always need to hear @ least five tracks from someone before I can make an accurate judgment.

Now, I can say I’ve heard five tracks and buddy passed my test.

Writing long, wordy reviews isn’t really my thing anymore so I’ll keep it simple…

1.) His style of rhyming is very playful & loosely based on the standard fare of – money, clothes, hoes & the quest of every new rapper, the path to him getting signed.

2.) The way he twists & bends words so that they fit within the beat & the concepts of his rhymes is very sharp. It’s like putting together pieces to a puzzle & he takes out a scalpel to shave off bits for congruency.

3.) This will not be a life-altering listening experience. It is hip-hop though. Fun, light & inspired, well worth a listen.

4.) Tracks worth a cursory listen…

“Call Me”
“Good Shit”
“All Night”
“Kickin It With Cool C”
“People Mover”

There’s plenty of solid tracks that make this one worth a listen.

Big Sean Finally Famous Mixtape Cover

Big Sean – Finally Famous: The Mixtape

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