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12.19.09 8 years ago 11 Comments

Blasian Beauty Lyss Foxx

Pepsi Drops Super Bowl Ads [CNN]

Number Of Hand Jobs Skyrocketing Due To Handheld Gadget Ads [Gizmodo]

GQ’s 10 Essentials: Paul Smith [GQ]

There’s A Shlong On Your Purse [Yep Yep]

I Am Nokio From Dru Hill: How Do I Look? [The Life Files]

Teams Don’t Really Win One For The Dead Guy [KSK]

8 Year Old Sent Home for Drawing Cross [Rant Rave]

Has The Word “Bitch” Lost Its Bite? [Jezebel]

Tiger Woods Oprah Interview May Be In The Works [News One]

Detroit’s Unemployment Rate Is Probably Near 50 Percent [Michigan Messenger]

The Celebrity Impact Ratings [The Daily Beast]

Flo Rida’s “Low” Crowned The Top-Selling Digital Song Of Decade [SOHH]

Religious Nut Michele Bachmann Turns On The Prayer Juice [True Slant]

Top 10 Movie Posters Of The Decade [Design Boom]

Is The Smart Grid Really A Stupid Idea? [MNN]

The Greatest, Gayest Albums Of All Time [Out]

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