Perez, Will.I.Am & Bol

06.25.09 9 years ago 35 Comments

Black Eyed Peas manager Polo “allegedly” punched Perez & the world rejoiced. Celebrities expressed their pleasure & media outlets snickered while the rap world thought “BEP’s gettin’ gully with it now?” To add the proverbial cherry to this bloody Sunday fracas, even the leading gay rights group (I guess) GLAAD threw Perez to the wolves by distancing themselves from him because he used the slur “faggot.”

Polo Marino, the alleged assailant & current toast of celebrities worldwide.

Personally, I laughed & didn’t give a shit. I haven’t found much of anything Perez has ever offered up as “entertainment”…for lack of a better word, entertaining. Plus he just looks like he sweats a lot IMO. Read about it, deemed it unworthy of really writing about it. I will same that I’m kind of glad the faggot* gay fellow got punched.

Then Bol’s XXL entry “First they came for Perez” entry came across my RSS feed with the byline “Could I ever be attacked by a rapper? Should I give a shit?” I laughed.

If Bol’s name comes up in a conversation or series of emails, I can usually guarantee that the words “I’d kick his ass” will generally manifest themselves somewhere along the line. Bol ignites that type of fire in folks. I can remember when I was sure that one day Bun B was going to send some syrup-sippin’ Texas boys to get Marcellus Wallace medieval with his ass if he kept trading barbs with UGK. Alas, nothing physical ever came of that & Bol has continued on his reign of written terror, taking on others including TSS.

That’s okay.

It took me a while to figure out that…

A.) Bol writes from a negative POV that works for him. But more than anything, he writes something interesting (to some sadistic somebodies) on a daily basis. Generally, it’s well-written too. I’ve given him respect for that on a few interviews. You wake up each day & try to create written material that’s even slightly insightful. Then you’ll understand.

B.) Bol is, to me, an old World Industries slogan they used in their early days: “Making today worse so tomorrow seems better.” That quote always stuck with me because I, too, hold a sometimes bitter attitude towards things. We all do. But not many in Black or Hip-Hop blogging have so gleefully embraced the devil in them like Byron.

C.) And Bol is always good for his Cam Hoo-er Spotlight, where he finds viral gems like the young lady on display in the video.

* For the record, the term “faggot” was used in jest. If you can’t accept it, who cares? I am not homophobic, nor do I care what the next person decides to do with their sexual relationships & love, even if that love is dookie love. And I think Will & Grace is one of the funniest shows in syndication.

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