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Fuck it joe. Me and P are over @ King puttin in work this morning, running down the week that was. Yep, I took her with me to compete with King’s eye candy…and I think we can win.

Bookmark the column Stray Shots From The Smoking Section. Feel free to go there to chatter it up. Or open two windows, download from here & read there because we ain’t tryin to run they block to hot LOL.

Real talk. First it was Benzi makin moves. Now, I look up and see Mick Boogie on Even though the Cavs didn’t win the chip, big ups to Mick for taking hip-hop to another level and reppin all season.


Stray Shots


Redman-Whut! Thee Album

Jay-Z – Vol.2 Hard Knock Life

DJ E-Rock, DJ Whoo Kid and J. Espinosa-Bay Bidness 3.5

DJ Magic Mike-This is How it Should Be Done

DJ Shadow-The Outsider

Bell, Biv, DeVoe – Poison

Bobby Womack – Womack Winners: The Very Best of Bobby Womack 1968-1975

Moonsatellite – Facechanger Mixtape


Shyne – The Truth

Shyne – The Lost One

Clinton Sparks DJ Rukiz – Shyne If I Could Start From Scratch

VA-Hot 97 FM-Roc-A-Fella Presents Live Freestyles

VA-DJ Clue-Curse of Clue (Freestyle Pt.1) (2001)

DJ 31 Degreez & Lil Wayne – Weezyaveli Weezy F Baby Part 3 Disc 1 & 2

U.N.L.V-Uptown 4 Life

J Prince Presents Realest Niggaz Down South

Huey – Notebook Paper



Stray Shots


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