The King, The Clown & The G…

10.14.09 8 years ago 5 Comments

Being a proud Technician myself, it was kind of dope to hear Tech N9ne graciously describe his thoughts on the mixed bag of fans that comprise his raucous shows to DJ Peter Parker. I’ve seen the Killa Clown decimate the stage three times now and every time it’s always the most random people who lean towards his music. Smelly, face-painted lunatics, Lindsay-Lohan-slutalikes, hard rockers, hoo bangers and average Joe’s like myself, coexisting in chaos. Good times, and surprisingly, good people as well. He also speaks on Juggalos being the biggest gang in the world (Enh, no comment), the double-edged sword of being approached by fans at inappropriate times and how he got dissed by Heavy D on the opposite end of the spectrum in 1992.

Tech’s K.O.D. in stores October 27.

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