Pump The Brakes: Peter Rosenberg’s Drunk Driving PSA For Rappers

01.18.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

At some point, everyone we know moves on. Many times their passing is from drawn-out, casually crippling causes like cancer or diabetes. Other times whimsical outliers like heart attacks, natural disasters, or even murder, come into play to take them away. Last year, the 18-year-old step-brother of New York radio personality Peter Rosenberg was unfortunately a statistic amidst the latter category, passing away after being the victim in a drunk driving accident.

Now, with the sentencing of the at-fault driver finalized, the typically easy-going, wrestling-loving tastemaker released the following PSA to rappers, asking them to stop embracing swerving behind the wheel in their songs. Using clips of Kanye and Wiz, along with his own gut-wrenching sincerity, the on-air personality makes many points loud and clear for the influential MCs, in hopes of making a broad scale difference.

Listen up before it’s too late.

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