Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos Reach Out To Colorado Theater Shooting Victims

07.23.12 6 years ago

Photo: Twitter

While the entire country is still attempting to come to terms with the horrific theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the Denver Broncos have been doing their part to aide in the healing process. It’s a standup act and one none to surprising given the fact sports have always been viewed as part of the restoration process following tragedies (remember football and baseball after September 11?). Above are a few members of the Broncos visiting a victim of the shooting.

The newest and most popular Bronco, Peyton Manning, took it upon himself to personally call those blessed enough to survive at the Medical Center of Aurora. The spokeswoman for HealthOne, Linda Kanamine, noted while she would not divulge any of the conversations the future Hall of Fame quarterback had with the patients, everyone left with smiles and brighter spirits.

Meanwhile, the gunman, James Holmes, allegedly entered Arapahoe Detention Center dressed like The Joker. There’s also a running mission to insure leaves prison in a body bag which just happens to be the number one request on every prisoner’s mind. “All the inmates were talking about killing him,” just-released inmate Wayne Medley told the Daily News. “Everyone was looking for an opportunity. It’s all they could talk about.”

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