Pharrell Plays “Happy,” Marilyn Monroe” For SNL

04.06.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

Musical guest Pharrell Williams performs “Happy” and “Marilyn Monroe” on Saturday Night Live. While he’s probably pleased with the song’s success, ever think Pharrell’s not always happy with the success of “Happy” will end up regretting it like some of his other material?

I mean, the guy is bound to performing this singular hit all the time now and people who don’t even know what a Pharrell is do know the song so they expect to hear it. The biggest N*E*R*D ever will have to play “Happy” for the rest of natural born life. The residual checks are probably healthy however that still only relieves a portion of the monotony that comes with repeating a track like it’s Groundhog Day. It’s as if the world at large just discovered him as a musician and they’re going to pigeonhole him by “Happy.” He’ll be forced to play it at a Vegas show even when he’s 81.*

Or maybe it’s just me that tired of hearing the damn song so much. It’s inescapable.

* — And will look the same then as he does now.

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