Pharrell Williams Calls On Miley & A Flock Of Models For “Come Get It Bae” Video

07.23.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

If you like Pharrell’s song “Come Get It Bae,” the NBA is partially to thank. If you don’t like it, the NBA is partially to blame also. During the playoffs, the track from G I R L was played any time there was a break in the action. And I mean that almost literally.

Now, to extend the life of “Bae” just a bit more, Skateboard gathers up Miley and a bunch of models for a celebratory good time in what ends up being a lighthearted clip. Lots of dancing, lots of smiling. The inclusion of pretty girls means all of us will be hearing “Come Get It Bae” at least once more as the video plays.

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