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09.08.09 8 years ago 9 Comments

Yet another doin’ it for Maryland like Gilchrist (here’s hopin’ he doesn’t bottom out like the Terp) as he spits on the title track of his debut mixtape Starting On JV, Phil Adé adds his name to the growing list of capable wordsmiths claiming the DMV as their stomping grounds.

A member of 368 Music Group, his co-sign comes courtesy of co-founder Raheem DeVaughn. Now, as far as DMV emcees go, Wale was the one to undoubtedly kick in the door. But Phil is likely to help keep it ajar (alongside the likes of the decidedly more eccentric Tabi Bonney), as he’s cut from the same cloth as his African brethren (he’s half-Nigerian, half-Grenadian) in more ways than one. There’s the rapid-fire, witty wordplay that bring a sense of cocky assuredness to his otherwise underdog raps. But most importantly, as seen on standouts such as the fame-weary “Hollywood,” (“I hope I never have to wish for the old me,” he raps) he’s capable of much more than just droppin’ a dope 16. Strong songwriting is no doubt enhanced by his tendency to sing on the hook—and his ability to actually carry a tune rather well.

Sangin’-ass rappers seem to be en vogue at the moment (the Drizzy effect), but as someone who can toe the line between both sides, praise is due to Adé.


Download — Phil Adé – “Hollywood”

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