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Beanie & Freeway

“I had a dream that Jay and Dame was back together
And in that second everything was back the same
In reality ya boy went to Mecca and came back
And said that I would never rap a-gain.
Well I’m back and thats the way the ball bounces
Verse is a ounce an album
So breakdown it’s time for trafficking
Ya’ll lame I am the product, hotter than lava
They wonder how this Roc-A-Fella package ‘caine
First you take a brick of Jay, a brick of ‘Ye
A couple quarters of Freeway, a ounce of Beans
Then you kill em wit the flow, we the realest
Even Dontrell Willis couldn’t off the team
Tell FEMA that even Hurricane Katrina couldn’t off the flames
Roc-A-Fella here to stay, we airing out yall lames
Free At Last on the way, so clear em out my lane…”

Beanie Sigel & Freeway – Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Roc Remix)

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