Turn Your iPhone Into A DSLR With Photojojo’s SLR Mount

07.08.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Photos by photojojo

There are an ample amount of apps that let iPhone users tinker with photos after they’ve been snapped. Thanks to Photojojo’s SLR Mount, memory makers will be able to add depth of field and manual focus to their photo taking arsenal, provided they’re not too worried about catching awkward stares from people walking by.

Priced at $249 for the iPhone 4 and $190 for the iPhone 3, the SLR mount can be purchased to work with either Canon or Nikon lenses. It may not attract many DSLR owners, but could entice a few people who want a couple more options and don’t want to buy a whole camera kit or already have lenses lying around. But who am I kidding? The majority of people who buy this will mainly want to turn heads while snapping flicks and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Shoot, the gadget geek in me wants one and is only subsided by the sneaker freak fighting for air space. And the fact that I don’t even own an iPhone.

Spotted: Gizmo Ave

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