Extended PoV: Dallas In December

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A few weeks ago, MZ and I went to Dallas for Nike Football’s Media Summit 2010. Obviously, we had a blast but you knew that before entering the post. Having already covered the products we were shown, a larger part of the story hasn’t been mentioned. The sights and people involved with the events are just as much of a draw and there’s so many of each of those that words will never translate it.
So we took a sh*tload of pics.
A few hundred actually, but there’s no need to post all of them. Instead, we narrowed it down to a few paired with a bit of color commentary by MZ and myself.

Photos: Dallas In December

This shot is from when we first entered the stadium and a
SPARQ instructor gave us our marching orders. For a second, I thought we were going to run onto the field. The guy to the right in the gray cap, that’s Chester. Chester’s a f*ckin’ riot and a pretty good photog.

Thankfully, they had a couple high school football teams on hand to demonstrate the SPARQ training system. Think of it as a mini combine where they participated in a kneeling power ball throw, lateral movement drill, a 40-yard dash and several rigorous activities. After a night of drinking & a plush breakfast spread, our group breathed a collective sigh of relief to find out we weren’t being put through the tests.

Photos: Dallas In December

The Jumbotron in Cowboys Stadium is friggin’ huge. We’re talking bigger than your whole cul-de-sac and I can see why visiting teams were complaining early in the football season because screen’s size is imposing. I think I overhead talk of special video game tournaments behind held on the screen.

The presentation host, former Heisman winner and current analyst, Desmond Howard.

The Lions Ndamukong Suh may be a monster on any given Sunday but he was a swell guy on the Tuesday we spoke with him. Clay Matthews, pictured below, was very cool as well.

MZ took a while to design his IDs. I’m talking him and the associate stopped to snack on Little Debbie’s and Faygos.

Ever go on Nike ID and create all these great mockups? The process is ten times harder when someone says “Hey, go design a pair of shoes now.” I started designing mine but got frustrated because I couldn’t figure out which materials and colors I wanted to use. The mind goes immediately blank similar to how game show contestants can’t recall who’s buried in Grant’s tomb. However, I did manage to come back to the work station and finish my pair eventually.
While Gotty ™ polished off that box of Little Debbie’s, the rest of the group went off on a tour of the stadium. It was all a blur until we walked into the Cowgirls locker room. I’m sure the tour guide said a lot interesting things but I think the smiling gentleman’s face says all you need to know about this room.

#randomfact: The Cowboys locker room is the most rented out room in stadium for private parties. I’m assuming it’d be different if the cheerleaders came with the room. In the red knit hat is Marcus Troy. I think he and Chester wore their little red caps as gang affiliations or maybe red’s the next happening color. *Jordan shrug*

$29 on game day will grant you access into one of two party decks. Each standing room area holds 7,000 people each & offers a pretty decent view of the field if you’re into that sort of thing.

The press room. Obviously Eli Manning wasn’t
holding court.

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