Picture Me Rollin: 50 Rap Songs About Cars

By 07.05.11

Whether you’re living lavish or free-loading on your friend’s futon, more than likely you’ve had an automobile at some point in your life. Delivering us to our destinations on the daily, those keys in your pocket make many of the details in our lives possible. That said, it’s only natural an everyday genre of music like Hip-Hop would embrace the car culture.

Separately, they’re both detailed and delicate executions of human ingenuity, which can be put on display if so chosen by the driver. Put them together and automobiles and MCs formulate into an Opimus-Prime-esque vessel of stunting, solitude and storytelling.

To celebrate the bond between the two, tried and Pepsi blue traditions, here is a collection of 50 rap songs about cars to help ride out the rest of the Summer.

Do not read and drive.

1. Lloyd Banks Feat. Juelz Santana – “Beamer, Benz & Bentley” — Last summer, the Southside’s second-in-command teamed up with Human Crack for this comeback banger. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had ride choices that plush?

2. Dayton Family – “Chevys” — Powered by heavy, petal-to-the-metal guitars and die-hard brand loyalty, this Chevrolet anthem by the Flint, Michigan’s, legends might be one of the more gutter promo campaigns ever heard.

3. Devin The Dude – “LacVille ‘79” — Capitalizing on a wave of success courtesy of Doc Dre’s Chronic 2001 comeback, that dude Devin dropped his mad underrated sophomore LP Just Tryin’ ta Live in 2002. The lead single was this ode to his longtime beater.

4. Mistah F.A.B. – “Ghost Ride It” — You will never in a million years see me personally ghost-riding the whip. But, seeing Fabby Davis Jr. and Patrick Swayze cruising around in a custom Ecto-1 with Mac Dre on the side is about as good as it gets.

5. KanYe West Feat. Paul Wall, GLC & T.I. – “Drive Slow” — There was a minute where I forgot Mr. West had an inclusion here. But, alas, Donda’s baby did drop this extra somber posse cut about the esteem redeemed from clean whips back on his sophomore effort, Late Registration.

6. Rich Boy – “Throw Some D’s” — Although Alabama’s Rich Boy did actually have a few legit hit songs, the one he’ll never live down is this anti-stock anthem. This song was so popular, I remember getting dumb texts that said things like, “Just bought a Big Mac, throw some Cheese on it!” from like, my aunt.

7. Do Or Die Feat. Johnny P – “Diamenz (Remix)” — When this Chi-Town trio came Back 2 The Game in 2002, half the album was detailing their escapades in Escalades. This was the best one. Crooning from the backseat, Johnny P is close to tears he loves Cadillacs so much.

8. Master P Feat. Silkk Tha Shocker, Lil’ Gotti & Mo B Dick – “Bourbons & Lacs” — If you like wood grain, bottomless bass and bold statements, I have one sentence for you. This is the best song on Ghetto D.

9. Big Tymers Feat. Lil Wayne – “Cutlass, Monte Carlos & Regals” — It’s funny hearing Baby and Wayne boasting about “Suburbans and Expeditions with the TVs” when they’re now buying eight-figure-rides and losing millions on basketball games. How you love that?

10. Chamillionaire Feat. Krayzie Bone – “Ridin Dirty” — More of a song about the going-ons in a car, instead of being specifically about the whip, this Grammy-winning single about persistent police put the Chamillitary man on the map back in 2005.

11. Jay-Z – “99 Problems”“Son, do you know what I was stopping you for?” Basically a gullier version of the choice ten, Hova and Rick Rubin make the list strictly for the second verse.

12. Andre Nickatina & Mac Dre – “Cadillac Girl” — Skating over a menacing slumper with bouncy Bay Area flavor, Mac Dre and Dre Dog remind riders they don’t have to be scared to rep their wheels.

13. Sir Mix-A-Lot – “My Hooptie” — This dated gem by Mr. Mix-A-Lot came out two years before his blockbuster booty jam “I Like Big Butts” took over wedding receptions for an eternity. Makes sense, right?

14. Ludacris Feat. Playaz Circle – “2 Miles An Hour (Remix)” — Perfect for turning heads, Ludacris recruited his Disturbing Tha Peace homies to race turtles on this gas-guzzling remix to his niche Red Light District single.

15. Eazy-E – “Boyz In Da Hood” — It’s all about making that GTA in this revered classic, which finds Eric Wright reciting Ice Cube’s opportunistic observations of the hood, through the rearview of his ’64.

16. Ice Cube Feat. WC – “Chrome & Paint” — Bitch, what you think? Of course, Ice Cube has chrome and paint. And, more than likely, way more than you.

17. Young Dro – “Man In The Trunk” — Yes, based on the array of topics typically talked about by Grand Hustle’s color coordinator, eight out of ten songs by the man with 20-plus old schools could fit on this list. This one about Jackie Chan kicking it in the trunk seemed most applicable.

18.Webbie – “Money Cars” Ghetto Stories remains an unheralded banger and Webbie’s tale of money and cars is about as rough and rugged as they come.

19. Young Jeezy – “Don’t Get Caught” — Jeezy provides the blueprint on how to handle yourself if the cops pull you over with work in your trunk.

20. DJ Quik Feat. T.I. – “Indiscretions In The Back Of The Limo” — According to this song, it’s easy as hell to make a porno in the back of a limo.

21. Rick Ross Feat. Jay-Z – “Maybach Music” — The luxurious epic that kick-started a movement.

22. Mike Jones Feat. Bun B & Snoop Dogg – “My 64” — Pulling from Eazy’s earlier inclusion on this list, Mike Jones called on a couple of car culture heavyweights for what ended up being one of his last singles.

23. Nelly – “Ride With Me” — If you were in high school when Nelly burst onto the scene with his sing-song brand of Country Grammar back in 2000 like I was, there’s no doubt this guitar-laden single got played-out at some point. If you weren’t, you still probably remember hearing it blaring out of that white girl’s Sebring convertible yesterday.

24. Too $hort – “Fuck My Car” — Considering he’s been laying his mack hand down for almost three decades, Todd Shaw definitely knows the difference between a chick wanting him for him or simply wanting to live his mink lifestyle. On this ever-explicit record from Gettin’ It, the Oakland vet explains the difference.

25. Curren$y – “Michael Knight” –One of a few new jacks on this list, Spitta draws inspiration from David Hasselhoff and K.I.T. for this entrancing, late-night-cruiser, off his album, Pilot Talk II.

26. UGK – “Choppin’ Blades” — Hold up. Since the money was already made when they dropped their extra clean Dirty Money back in 2000, UGK dropped another dedication to candy cruisers for the funk of it.

27. Outkast – “Two Dope Boyz (In A Cadillac)” — The opening track to their sophomore classic, ATLiens, this Bankhead-representing Outkast gem spends more time addressing side-eyes directed their way than talking about cars. But, still, this is as good as it gets.

28. Slim Thug – “Wood Grain Wheel” — Per Big Boi’s advice, Slim Thugga made sure rims were on all his vehicles prior to making this song.

29. Dr. Dre Feat. Snoop Dogg, Daz & Nate Dogg – “Let Me Ride” — Of all The Chronic hits, track three may be the most laid back. Flutes, FTW.

30. SMKA Feat. Gripplyaz, Young Trimm & Aleon Craft – “Caddys” — For the original 808 Experiment album back in 2008, SMKA rallied up the troops for this epic orchestration of new schoolers rhyming about old school aspirations.

31. YelaWolf – “Daddy’s Lambo”“Peanut butter guts in a Lamborghini, whoa…” With rich heiresses riding shotgun and Rob Dyrdek’s cousin Drama behind one of the filthiest beats on this list, Yela showed the suburbs how they get down in Gadsden on this single on this revamped version of Trunk Muzik.

32. Kafani Feat. Keak Da Sneak – “Fast (Like NASCAR)” — This was Kafani’s outrageous song about how stunting is similar to cars going in circles. Considering this is the only time the Bay Area driver’s name has been brought up on this site, it’s safe to assume his brief wave of success has slowed down.

33. Westside Connection – “Westward Ho”“Check it, hoe, shut your mouth and get naked.” On an album chocked full of East Coast disses and the hardest beats you’ve ever heard, this eerie cut about swooping up tail on the hoe stroll was the softest it got on the Westside Connect Gang’s infamous debut, Bow Down.

34. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Feat. Swizz Beatz – “Candy Paint” — Even though the Bone boys typically write about rolling up, this Swizz-Beatz-produced frenzy from their 2007 Strength & Loyalty album found the then threesome writing about rolling around in Starburst packs.

35. The Game Feat. Techniec, E-40, Crooked I, Chingy, Lil Rob, WC & Ice Cube – “Lowrider” — During his Stop Snitching, Stop Lyin’ campaign back in 2005, Jayceon took some low-key production from Chops and delivered this randomly righteous ballad about low lows.

36. Tha Dogg Pound Feat. Tanya Herron – “Coastin” — As The Row was crumbling from under beneath them, Daz and Kurupt took the independent route to release their long-anticipated sophomore album, Dillinger & Young Gotti. The first single was this Mike-Dean-produced trunk-ruiner, which will blow your speakers if you’re not careful.

37. Lil Troy Feat. Fat Pat, H.A.W.K. & Yungstar – “Wanna Be A Balla” — Moreso about an aspired lifestyle than cars specifically, this H-Town classic from Lil Troy and a few of his fallen comrades simply wouldn’t work without the ride references.

38. L.A.D. Feat. Darvy Traylor – “Ridin’ Low” –The epitome of one-hit wonder, Los-Angeles-based L.A.D. delivered a sing-a-long throwback in 1995 with this joint fit for sunny days and Lowriders.

39. T.I. Feat. Young Jeezy, Young Dro, Big Kuntry & BG – “Top Back (Remix)” — When TIP’s KING was fresh off the lot about five years ago, there wasn’t a single soul in any hood countrywide who didn’t ride around with pride to this horn-heavy seat-recliner.

40. Slick Rick Feat. Doug E. Fresh – “Sittin’ In My Car” — Rolling and flowing over jazzy Jermaine Dupri production, The Ruler recites some love triangle specifics while snooping in the driver’s seat of his Jeep.

41. Wiz Khalifa Feat. Juicy J – “In My Car (Tha Puff Bus)” — Even though “Black & Yellow” was basically a car song and way more popular, Wiz’s bouncy pairing with the Triple Six member about loud pipes and rally stripes was a little more specific.

42. Haystak – “Red Light” — Whether you’re a fan of this crazy white boy and his loose tongue or not, you may want to avoid approaching Stak Mak at any stops after this provoking open invite to his enemies.

43. Z-Ro Feat. Tanya – “Continue 2 Roll” — Lacing an easy-going sample of Spandau Ballet’s “True,” Houston’s most somber MC let’s out some demons behind the wheel on this highlight from his I’m Still Livin’ album.

44. Above The Law – “100 Spokes” — Back when gangsta rap was full effect in the early 90s, A.T.L. delivered the vivid tales of the streets they resided better than many. Their dedication to Dayton wheels is basically a forgiving tale similar to Cousin Harold’s.

45. DJ Quik Feat. Nate Dogg – “Black Mercedes” — For his second to last comeback album, DJ Quik and the late, great Nate delivered this grown-folk-fonk, catering to all the grown-up independent woman in their high-priced foreign whips.

46. Ray Cash Feat. Scarface – “Bumpin’ My Music” — Remember Ray Cash? The funny-lookin’ MC from Cleveland with the dope flow and this hit track with Scarface? No? This was his song. Not only that but also my best friend bought a low-rider off him. True story.

47. Dre Feat. Rick Ross – “Chevy Ridin’ High” — Because, really, what good is a Chevy if it’s not sitting 35 feet off the ground?

48. Paul Wall – “Sittin’ Sideways” — During Houston’s stranglehold on rap in 2005, Paul Wall rose to fame as Hip-Hop’s favorite White boy. For good reason, too. “Sittin’ Sideways” is a staple in Lone Star State rap folklore and one that still rides out to this day thanks to his codeine-leaning flow.

49. UGK – “Diamonds & Wood” — One of the Underground Kingz signature tracks had them clearing their mind of all the stresses of the world in their car. I recommend the same treatment next time you have a lot on your chest.

50. 2Pac – “Picture Me Rollin” — This breezy track that was written by ‘Pac to help place his legitimacy on a pedestal for any disbelievers has taken on a whole new meaning since September of 1996. “Any time ya’ll wanna’ see me again, close your eyes…and picture me rollin.”

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