Pill – “Best I Ever Had” x “Knock Me Down”

05.28.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

Grind Time working overtime this week. Young Pink City Pill hijacks Drake’s beat to tell the tale of real down ass chick, then does a little lyrical exercise with Keri’s “Knock Me Down.” Moi? As a fellow owner of a gruff, harsh voice that’s a self-inflicted characteristic made from heavy intake of cancer sticks, Pill’s voice wins over R&B/radio-friendly beats. And when you listen, he demands your attention with an aggressive approach.

All of this in preparation for 4075: The Refill, dropping soon. For now, do yourself a favor and go download 4180: The Prescription.

Keep smokin’ ‘Ports Pill. And please don’t stop rappin’.


Download — Pill – “Knock Me Down”


Download — Pill – “Best I Ever Had”

Whiteboy D with the dime.

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