Pill Feat. Young Scolla – “Aine Given Up”

01.15.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Making his previous episodes of poverty pay dividends, the young homie Pill tell trap tales here on “Aine Given Up.” Switching it up a little, he takes a relaxed flow over a staccato SMKA drum pattern that cleverly manipulates and masks the usual heaviness of the 808. But don’t worry, it’s in there © Ragu.

<a href="http://smka.bandcamp.com/track/aine-given-up-pill-ft-young-scolla">&quot;Aine Given Up&quot; &#8211; Pill ft. Young Scolla by SMKA</a>

Below, here’s a short promo entitled “In Your Words” where a few of the artists involved with 808…Vol. 2 explain why they chose to get down. Shot by none other than the good brothers, our home team (I mean, them aggins wear the same jerseys as us fo’real) The SP Agency.

And let me tell you, there’s some future clips coming with a few freestyles and shit. You see all those artists smiling while Playboy Tre’s rhyming? Yeah, go ahead and give homeboy his shine and your attention this year.

SMKA: The 808 Experiment “In Your Words” from SMKA on Vimeo.

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