Pinky – “Bad B*tch” Video

09.16.10 7 years ago 33 Comments

A SFW video featuring PinkyXXX?!? Say you swear??? The b*tch with the big butt and even bigger dildo dropped a mixtape with DJ Scream earlier this year and like her big browski Brian Pumper, she’s set her goals on BET instead of the b-e-d. Still, when you make boatloads of money being shot in the bucknakey buff, what sort career elevation can come from this?

Well the only career threatened here is Trina’s and I don’t see why they both can’t coexist. After all, four cheeks are better than two.

And if for some oddball reason you feel like you need to nod your head to this broad’s music, here’s the full mixtape with DJ Scream. The title is based on actual events.

Download — DJ Scream & Pinky – Fuck You! Pay Me!

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