Pirates Lock Up Andrew McCutchen For 6 Years, $51.5 Million

03.06.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Pittsburgh Pirates fans should be ecstatic when their team finally agreed with their All-Star outfielder Andrew McCutchen on a six-year $51.5 million deal. After the Pirates’ brief run in first place in last season, McCutchen became a sign of hope for a franchise in the doldrums ever since the departure of Barry Bonds. Exceptional in defense and swiping bases, McCutchen’s stock will soar now that he’s inked a long-term contract.

This is a sign in the right direction for the team after their questionable signing of NY Yankee cast-off A.J. Burnett who subsequently bunted a ball on his own face in batting practice. All you’ll say is “ouch” when you see the footage. Burnett is now out for up to three months. Signing McCutchen will divert attention from that fiasco while drawing some ticket sales before Opening Day. It’s good to see the Pirates finally commit on a player with one of the lowest budgets in the majors. The team is usually known for dropping fan-favorites like loose change in the parking lot, but for once fans can wear a player jersey that won’t be obsolete by this year’s trade deadline.

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