Pizza Hut Canada Unleashes Drunk Food Holy Grail: Poutine Pizza

06.13.13 5 years ago 11 Comments

Pizza Hut Canada Poutine Pizza

Depending on one’s ability to stomach carb-overloaded fast food, Canadian pizza lovers might have hit the jackpot with Pizza Hut Canada’s latest concoction.

The trans-national pizza company announced yesterday that its Canadian subsidiary will start serving a poutine pizza, named the “Cheesy Beef Poutine pizza,” in honor of Canadians’ cultural diversity and “adventurous… tastes.” Poutine is a French-Canadian dish that’s the Quebecois equivalent of comfort food, dousing french fries and cheese curds in gravy, but can be dressed up or down.

The drunk food holy grail will be available around the provinces for a limited time as a part of Pizza Hut Canada’s attempt at being super-Canuck. Other “Canadian” options that the company will also unload: “Creamy Butter Chicken,” “Asian BBQ,” “Grilled Chicken Club” and, perhaps most fittingly, “Smoky Maple Bacon.”

There’s probably a perfectly acceptable hockey or “eh?” joke to be made here (right, Samir?), but it’s best to leave it at Canadians’ gastrointestinal tracts have been warned.


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