Playboy Tre Feat. Asia Bryant – “Earline’s Son” Video

01.25.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Raj already set the precedence with the conveying emotions swirling around this track. Now, a living scrapbook accompanies the moving piece of poetry that Playboy Tre went out his way to dedicate to the one who blew breath in his lungs. Typically, any “dear mama”-esque track can rank high in sentimental value, but for Tre, his particular scribe ranks as unique in a way as it serves as a moment of clarity in contrast to the rest of The Last Call’s offerings.

As if she didn’t already have enough reasons to be proud, Momma Playboy will have no problem telling her friends that she’s the mom of a noble man.

Download – Playboy Tre – The Last Call Mixtape

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