Playboy Tre Ft. Homebwoi – “Bad Man’s World”

06.01.14 3 years ago

playboy tre bad man's world

Anyone who’s ever interacted or done business with Playboy Tre knows he’s one of the nicest guys in the business. Therefore, the heart-breaking reality detailed throughout “Bad Man’s World” is clearly from the POV of someone who’s had enough.

Fired up specifically by the passing of his friend Mel, Tre uses a soulful backdrop to assess the unjust murder and cliffhanging justification behind it, using the situation as a microcosm for problems plaguing our whole society. His partner Homebwoi adds his own take to the situation, speaking to how he’s just blessed to be alive, despite the numerous nuances making his life difficult on the regular.

There’s definitely levels to this life sh*t and unfortunately, there’s issues involved on every one of them. Sorry for your loss, Tre.

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