10.27 The Cooler

10.27.09 8 years ago 17 Comments

Anise Tai Is Smoking

Playstation 3 Gets Netflix. What About the Wii? [Technologizer]

Lyrics Vs. Character [Unkut]

Antonie Walker Is In A Financial Pickle [TBL]

Joe Jackson Honored By Rev. Al Sharpton For Being A “Stern Father” [C&D]

Health Care Reform Will Include Opt Out Public Option [Huff Po]

Black Comedy, Ordinary People, Set for NBC [Showing Out]

Killer Mike Addresses Atlanta’s Homosexuality [XXL]

How Awesome Is This Shirt On Katy Perry? [Don Chavez]

4 Reasons Why Zombies And Superheroes Don’t Mix [io9]

Peja Stojakovic Has Some ‘Splainin To Do [Deadspin]

Starbury Is For The Childrens [News Sports]

DJ Hero Press Conference with Jay-Z [Freshness Mag]

Postal Worker Steals $86,000 Worth of Games [Wii Hotties]

What Will Replace the DVD? [Vulture]

Redskins Fans Collecting Contributions to the Dan Snyder Embarrassment Fund

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