Plies Talks About Getting Suplexed Off The Stage In His New Track, ‘Dayum!’

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04.29.15 3 Comments

I’ll admit, I kind of thought Plies just Instagams and tweets for a living nowadays. I didn’t even realize he still makes, releases and promotes music. Turns out he does though, and on his latest track “Dayum!,” he even took a few bars to discuss the infamous body slam incident from earlier this month.

Never seen a n**** try to slam me and slammed his damn self
With a hundred grand in my pocket n**** I beat your lil’ ass half to death
Chopper game serious n****, hands on Mayweather level
Big bruh always told me you can’t show love to these p**** n****s
If you ever ever ever ever ever try me
Swear to god on a stack of bibles p**** better kill me
By the time security got to me he was already sleep
I done got back on stage n****, started doin’ me

Now, we know buddy got a pretty good whooping after going all “Suplex City B*tch” on Plies, but what we don’t know is if it was Plies who dished it out. The victors write the history books though, and if you’ve seen the pictures of the attacker, you know he definitely isn’t the victor.

Either way, check out the full video of the incident below and see if it matches up with Plies description from the “Dayum!” or not.

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