Plies Introduces New Word To English Language, “Flickalatin'”

11.30.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

Judging by the context of the lyrics, I’m about 98% sure “flickalatin'” is slang for “bling bling,” which if you remember, is an official word recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary. Plies hasn’t heavily been on my radar in years, so excuse my ignorance – yes, ignorance – for failing to realize this was actually a song found on his Trial 2 mixtape.

The video’s DNA is exactly what one would come to expect from Algernod – big body cars, jewelry everywhere within in a six miles radius including the teeth, bedazzled Blackberrys, big body cars and Plies’ merry band of goons. From there, I’m not even sure how to properly describe the video. That’s if there even is a description.

Oh, and that picture above? Only one of the 10 greatest tweets of all time.

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