Plies’ New Compliment To Women: She “Rides D*ck Good”

07.15.11 7 years ago 17 Comments

I remember when “Got ‘Em Hatin'” first dropped the Plies buzz was in full swing. A few hit records and party odes later, the man made “goon” a household term with quite the career on his hands both mainstream and mixtape wise. Yeah, those days are long, long removed, but he’s still around and apparently content making the most outrageous songs the human mind can muster.

“Ride This Dick Good” – from last year’s You Need People Like Me – is the compliment of choice from Florida’s favorite Gator to pay homage to all the women in the world whose sex game is immaculate, especially her ability to perform on top when it counts. It’s about as ignorant and vulgar as one would expect, yet merely on par with what he’s released in the past. Some strip club in Tampa can appreciate this ghetto public service announcement.

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