Ferguson Police Release Name Of Cop Involved In Mike Brown Shooting

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Part of what the the people of Ferguson and the nation wanted to know regarding the Mike Brown shooting has been revealed.

On Friday morning, Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson stood before the press and gave a brief statement, revealing that the officer’s name was Darren Wilson, a six-year veteran of the force who had no disciplinary actions taken against him. Thomas declined any requests for questions or additional comments.

Initially, the reason given for not releasing the officer’s name was because of reported threats of violence and the unrest occurring in the streets. Police still have not revealed any details from their investigation of the shooting.

As of Thursday, Missouri governor Jay Nixon appointed the Missouri Highway Patrol to seize control of the St. Louis suburb, taking authority of the situation away from local law enforcement after several days of protests, riots and clashes between authorities and citizens.

Officials decision to release the officer’s name comes after Anonymous released the wrong name via Twitter on Thursday.

Update: As Thomas mentioned in the video, police gave the press additional information regarding their investigation. The 16-page document reportedly reveals that officers were responding to a robbery call involving a box of cigars. Apparently, what was not mentioned were any details about what specifically happened during the shooting.

Per Yahoo:

“According to the police reports, Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, were suspected of taking a box of cigars from a store in Ferguson that morning. Jackson said Wilson, along with other officers, was called to the area after a 911 call reporting a “strong-arm” robbery just before noon. He said a dispatcher gave a description of the robbery suspect, and Wilson, who had been assisting on another call, was sent to investigate.

“Wilson, a six-year veteran of the police department, encountered Brown just after 12:01 p.m., with a second officer arriving three minutes later, Jackson said.

Cred: NBC

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