Police Won’t Release The Name Of Officer Involved In The Mike Brown Shooting

08.12.14 4 years ago 60 Comments

This is going to get a lot worse for the Ferguson Police Department before it gets better.

Nearly 72 hours following the murder of Michael Brown, perhaps the biggest question around the entire ordeal was who was the cop responsible for repeatedly pulling the trigger. Tuesday was expected to be the day the officer’s name was released, but much like every other facet involving the case, things took a detour.

Per St. Louis’ FOX affiliate, Ferguson police will not release the name at the center of the investigation. In fact, if Brown’s family wants to know, it’s up to the family’s attorney to convince the courts to do so. Police Chief Thomas Jackson says attacks on officers last night are the reason the cop-in-question’s name is being withheld.

This means we probably won’t be getting the name of the cop who pointed his firearm at the young man or woman or accosted the two young men only to throw tear gas at them for recording footage on their cellphones. Because, you know, safety.

Meanwhile, as the case grows more and more nationally, one of the few who can understand the Brown’s unspeakable pain on a such a public and explosive platform is Tracy Martin, Travyon’s father. Martin was, ironically, raised in East St. Louis. “The human life has no value in this day and age, especially when it comes to African-American boys and girls,” he said. “We’re just losing our lives at an alarming rate.”

Below, 22-year-old Dorian Johnson, who was with Brown when the shots were fired, explains the final moments of Michael’s life in remarkably numbing detail.

UPDATE: President Obama releases his statement.

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