CBS Doesn’t Want You To See Pornhub’s Super Bowl Ad

01.31.13 5 years ago 22 Comments

Come Sunday, advertisers will flood the TV airwaves with zillion-dollar-per-second commercials during the Super Bowl. But Pornhub won’t be since CBS rejected their proposed ad. In denying the ad, the network probably granted the smut peddlers an even bigger favor (for far less money) by sending the rejected pitch into a viral sensation.

The ad itself isn’t racy. There’s no boobies, no skin or any inferences to sex. The fifteen-second spot features nothing more than an older couple sitting comfortably on a park bench, enjoying one another’s company, then the Porn Hub’s name rolls across the screen. Still, it was rejected for reasons unknown. To combat being sidelined, Pornhub set up a SFW site where viewers can “vote” to have the reject ad show up on TV screens on Sunday. There’s also a meme contest (NSFW) for viewers to join in on as well. And we know how much the Internuts love memes so even through rejection, PH may have scored bigger than they could’ve imagined.

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