PoV: Bo Jackson Climbs An Outfield Wall

07.04.11 6 years ago 14 Comments

I’m not sure what constitutes as a “timeless photo,” but this has to at least be in the ballpark. “Bo Knows” was such a classic catchphrase way back when and had it not been for that 1991 hip injury, who knows what his place in history would be. Here, the multi-talented, freakishly gifted, one-time Nike cash cow Bo Jackson scales the building like Curren$y and Wiz would two decades later. Too bad he wasn’t able to catch it.

Anywho, allow me to reiterate, if you…

1. Have a Twitter account


2. Love sports photography

…follow @si_vault. I have this goal that whenever I move into my first house I will have a room and posted all over the wall will be my favorite photos of all time. Best believe more than a handful will come from the good folks at the Sports Illustrated Vault.

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