PoV: NBA All-Star & Hall Of Fame Royalty

05.12.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

Random photo ops of legendary players during the NBA’s All-Star Game happen every year. Yet, when it’s a moment frozen in time such as this one, all one can do is sit back, right click and save as.

Pictured above is the greatest point guard the game has seen in Magic. The greatest player period in Michael. Hands down the most underrated superstar ever and top three big man to ever live in Hakeem. And a guy whose career has not had the luxury of crossing generations in the manner the previous three mentioned have, but one who during his prime was a legit 30-point, 20-rebound guy every night in Moses Malone.

In other words, that’s 106,525 points, 37,431 rebounds, 20,768 assists, 51 All-Star Game appearances, 12 MVP trophies and 12 Finals MVP trophies combined. Not bad for four of the top 15 players to ever lace up sneakers, huh?

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