PoV: Michael Buffer & The Ladies Who Love Him

09.25.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

Photo: UNT

“Bitches say I’m the man, I tell ’em nevermind…”Cam

There’s certain voices in sports which will never be replaced. Michael Buffer just happens to be one of them. The Buff’s a shining example of the American Dream and what can happen if a person finds that one calling in life they do better than anyone else. Who knows when this picture was taken*, but Mike was obviously on cloud nine surrounded by a plethora of half naked women. Imagine that though. You work for three minutes, get a front row seat to a title bout and have women fall in your lap because, quite frankly, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” is applicable in a wild range of settings.** And by settings, I mean the bedroom.

* – Now if this was before a Tyson contest, chances are Iron Mike probably did a line of coke and smashed at least half of them after the fight.

** – Ok, yeah, they were the ring girls, but chances are at least two of them were down for whatever. And that’s being generous. Everyone was getting high and having sex in the ’80s.

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