PoV: The Round Mound Of Rebound & Larry Legend

05.06.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Photo: S.I. Vault

Playing in a generation housing players like Magic, Bird and Jordan, how great of a player Charles Barkley actually was often gets swept under the rug. It’s not right, but it’s how history chooses to paint the picture.* This photo – featuring Larry Legend – is a throwback. On the back end of Bird’s career and during the rise of Chuck’s, this visual nugget remains a testament to what many claim as the NBA’s glory days. Oh, and check Sir Charles’ 1988-89 stats.

– 25.8 PPG
– 12.5 RPG
– 4.1 APG
– 1.6 SPG
– 57.9 FG%

Nucking futs.

* – David D. made a good point the other day. Outside of Magic, Charles may actually have the best post-playing career of anyone. Nevermind those skirmishes with the law, his role on Inside The NBA is hands down one of the greatest things on television proven by his recent Emmy.

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