The ‘Power’ Season Finale Was Pretty Eventful

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08.16.15 45 Comments


At the beginning of the year, there was no way you could convince me that Power‘s season finale would top True Detective‘s. That sentiment turned out to be very much incorrect, as Power provided excitement and engaging plot points, as well as some intrigue for next season. Let’s get to it.

Ghost Is Pretty Cold…



Killing all the local pushers and keeping their (apparently password-free) cell phones, just to make everyone else think things are on the up and up? Check. Getting Tommy and Dre to double cross Kanin, overriding K’s own plans for double crossing? Check. Setting it up so Angela still gets to keep her job? Check. Getting his club back and more from Stern? Wow, for all the times I’ve had to yell “Ghost, you fool!” at the screen this season, the man’s pretty focused without distractions.

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