President Obama’s Chipotle Visit Has Become His Biggest Controversy Yet

06.24.14 4 years ago 74 Comments
obama chipotle

White House Twitter Account

Ever since he became a public figure, President Barack Obama has tried to maintain his everyman approach by going to different restaurants to remind everyone that he eats just like we do. But yesterday, he showed signs of a man whose taken his power too far.

Look at that picture above. What we see here is the actions of a despot. A tyrant. A man so power hungry that he doesn’t respect the sanctity of the sneeze guard at Chipotle. You don’t reach your hand over the sneeze guard at Chipotle unless you dropped the nuclear codes into the pico. If a man doesn’t respect the sneeze guard then what’s stopping him from disregarding NATO sanctions? What’s stopping a man from invading China if he can’t stop himself from invading the guac space? Thanks for your universal healthcare, Barry, but what about universal Chipotle rules?

I’ve really got to rethink what sort of monster we’re dealing with in the White House now. The only way he can save his image is if he passes a bill that makes guacamole and an extra handful of cheese free because those goddamn burritos starting at $7.99 but ending up $12 is some straight-up bullish*t. Obama’s words, not mine.

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