Live Discussion: The Third And Final 2012 Presidential Debate

10.22.12 5 years ago 128 Comments

We’re only two weeks away from Election Day, which means we’re in crunch time. Tonight is the last big campaign night as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off for their third and final debate. So far, things are a draw as Barack stunk up the joint in round one but came back strong in the sequel.

But who are we kidding here? 99 percent of you already know who you’re voting for so we’re just here for the shits and giggles. The last debate was so entertaining and wild that we decided it’d be perfect for a live discussion.

Join us back here at 8 pm EST to watch the debate, fact check, point out the lulz and, above all, keep it civil. We’re an accepting community here so don’t take it to heart if political ideologies collide.

As a bonus, we have a kickass badge here to commemorate Mitt Romney’s new catchphrase. Forget a binder full of women. Cash in on our brand new “Badge Full Of Women.”

Want to have a buffet of women on deck like our favorite Mormon presidential candidate? Just share this post on Facebook and Twitter and you not only get a badge, you get a badge full of women. Who doesn’t want that?

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