Barack Obama Is LeBron James & Other Notes On Last Night’s Presidential Debate

10.17.12 5 years ago 12 Comments

While watching the debate last night, it became pretty apparent that Barack Obama’s 2012 debate mimicked LeBron James’ last two seasons. Stick with me here.

Despite being vastly more talented than his opponent and a pretty clear favorite, Obama stunk up the debate two weeks ago leaving the rest of the public wondering what the hell happened. Despite what the NBA machine wants you to believe, LeBron James stunk up the Finals last year against Dallas. The Heat should have won but LeBron disappeared.

Fast forward to last night and Obama looked like LeBron James in the NBA Finals, dominant and clearly better than his competition. Barack was the Barack we thought we’d see: aggressive, assertive, informative and combative. So without further ado, here are some quick points from last night’s debate.

— Let’s get it out of the way: “Binders full of women” has become the next Internet sensation. Romney, when discussing hiring women in his home state he said his subordinates brought him “binders full of women” he could hire. Immediately, it took over and now we have a Facebook page and a Tumblr and probably a 2 Chainz song on the way.

— For all the flack Joe Biden’s gotten since 2008, we have to credit him with keeping the Obama campaign afloat as his impassioned performance really invigorated his movement. Is Biden the Chris Bosh of the Obama Heat analogy? (Michelle is clearly D Wade: the person above reproach.)

— One of Obama’s soft spots was the issue of Libya and terror attacks. Luckily for him, Romney botched the approach by misquoting the president and getting flustered once he realized his mistake.

— The town hall format is here to stay and I’m willing to bet by 2036 a candidate is going to swing on another one. Things got tense and Romney tried his best to bully Obama with his “pension” point before Barack added some levity by saying his isn’t as big as Romney’s so there’s no need to check.

— In the end, this isn’t a race about candidates, it’s a race about parties and only a small fraction of the country is changing its mind. People are locked and loaded to vote for their respective guy and the decision was made long before last night. Still, the final two debates of the 2012 election sure provided plenty of fireworks for us to sing our teeth into.

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