Pride, Pucks And Parades…

06.09.09 9 years ago 12 Comments

I hate to say I told you so, but it’s come down to Game Six.

Surely there will be many waving the underdog flag tonight, rooting against the Red Wings as they look to capture their fifth Stanley Cup in the past 12 years. Others, simply skipping hockey altogether to watch Kobe and crew build Orlando’s coffin.

Around here, for once, it’s a sea of optimism.

Drive around, all you see is smiles. Wings flags on the car windows of decked out passengers. Or, every other block or so, waving above the front door of a home. Interludes on all the local radio stations wishing our guys luck. ‘Go Wings’ signs on every business with a marquee. Vendors selling that new new for The Finals, sporting shirts reading ‘It’s That Time Of Beard,’ with gracious fans happily spending their last Jackson to show off. Extra police and barricades, lining the streets of downtown Detroit and Royal Oak, to ensure our celebration stays within the streets and legal limit. Breaking news on Channel 4 about the team’s arrival in Pittsburgh, instead of the typical Big Three blunders.

Here, the middle of June is like Metro Detroit goes on vacation from the shit. Our love seat getaway. Our puck paradise. Mardi Gras in The Red Line district. Hate on The Red Wings all you want, arguing that the ‘Wings always win’ or ‘hockey is boring,’ but it doesn’t matter to us. For all the problems and unanswered questions plaguing this area, one thing is guaranteed. The red and white pride we carry on our three-quarter sleeve and the assurance that we will bring Lord Stanley’s Cup back to The Joe once more.

If you question it, our response will be as follows:

Go Wings!

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