Prince Keeps His Well-Manicured Pimp Hand Strong

02.08.11 7 years ago 18 Comments

Whatever you were doing last night, it now seems less awesome. Prince had his final show at Madison Square Garden and he pulled out all the stops. At one point, though, he grabbed some ladies to shake it on stage. One such fatty-toting female was none other than poet laureate and Rhodes scholar Kim Kardashian.

Since she’s not used to exposing her supple body to thousands of people, she froze. So Prince promptly booted her from the stage. I’m betting he had no clue who the hell she was. He has women that beautiful pluck the crust between his toes every day.

Now, on to the actual talent portion of the show. Cee-Lo came out for an encore and sang “Crazy” while Prince played the guitar. When I get to Heaven, I want footage from this show to be playing in front of me.

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