Prisoner Gets Fork Lodged In Penis After Bizarre Sex Act Goes Wrong

08.19.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

An Australian prisoner got a four-inch fork stuck in his penis after attempting to do that one sex act that involves sticking a fork in your penis.

The 70-year-old inmate found himself in the hospital after getting a four-inch utensil stuck in his urethra. The autoerotic freak was reportedly attempting to achieve sexual climax when he stuck the steel cutlery in his penis. According to doctors, when the unidentified man arrived at the hospital, the fork was lodged so deeply that they were unable to see the fork until an x-ray was done.

After the man was placed under general anesthesia, doctors were able to remove the eating utensil in a procedure that required huge amounts of lubrication and forceps.

So guys, unless you’re an expert in urethral play, don’t stick things up your pee hole.

Photos: Getty, Metro

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