Chicago’s ProbCause Streams His New Album ‘Drifters’

08.31.15 2 years ago

ProbCause Drifters New Album

Words By Jake Krez

ProbCause is the best rapper you may have overlooked thus far. The Chicago native has been pacing one of the most consistent careers this side of Chance and Vic from his hometown and has systematically garnered himself a dedicated following that last week was blessed with the MC’s latest collection of songs, packaged together as Drifters.

The 12-song project is an evolution for Prob to say the least, but he gracefully migrates between hip-hop and more dance-centric aesthetics with calculated ease, bringing established collaborators together with new features and faces that come together for a welcome step forward as a whole for Probable.

Singles like “M.I.A” featuring Saba paced the project’s early intonations but it was “I Feel U” that really caught my eye when it dropped earlier this summer and subsequently received regular play on my iTunes since. As the lead track from Drifters, it set a distinctly more subdued tone. Prob, often focused on more storytelling elements and soundscapes of the scene and the parties and kickbacks that pace it takes a step away from the politically correct, throwing strategic shots at the haters and naysayers along the way that could be on of my favorite tracks of his in recent memory.

The true message of the album as a whole is the continued growth of Prob into a more well-rounded artist as opposed to specifically a rapper. Technically sound with a rhyming ability I would stack up against the city’s best, here we find him take artistic chances by teaming up with the likes of Exmag, GRiZ, Gramatik and Break Science to stretch his sound into fun, new and exciting areas he’s only dabbled with in the past. Pairing those moves with familiar faces like The O’My’s, Wes P, Drew Mantia and Angel Davanport creates a sort of fully understood look at where Prob is in his creative journey, and while he may be feeling like a Drifter, it’s pretty obvious his circle is growing.

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