Crash Course: Producer JBird’s Becoming A Problem On The Keys And Boards

02.05.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

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Few instruments intimidate would-be producers like a piano. Those early stages of struggle probably make new players, especially latecomers, feel like a bumbling idiot on the keys. Then the self-proclaimed “next Scott Storch” focuses on sampling or gives up the hobby altogether, damn shame.

Yet those who persevere via constant practice and/or God-given talent gain valuable skills towards becoming well-rounded songmakers. JBird’s one of those cats who’s hard work on the keys definitely pays off with every track. Now, we get to reap the benefits of hard work in the studio while you lazy bums regret dropping the keys for good.

I got hip to JBird via his collaborations with ESTA.: another producer mentioned around these parts. They’ve made a few quality cuts over the years but their recent work shines the brightest. You can hear their synergy speak volumes on “WhateverUNeed” soon enough. A choice Jodeci sample loops over effortless switch ups and JBird’s velvety improvisation on the keys.

JBird’s solo work proudly exhibits his appreciation for soul music especially seen on “Happy Go Lady.” The track began as an interlude for Jeff Bernat’s album and its abundance of throwback vibes ought to send any boho in a tizzy. Everyone could use a little more soul in their lives though, right? So it may be the ticket for listeners lookin’ for solace from all the rappin’, trappin’, bippin’ and boppin’ going on today.

A quick perusal of his Soundcloud tracks already let you know JBird’s a student of The James Yancey School of Performing Arts. It’s a quality institution though so don’t take the observation as a shot. He’s got a few joints out of left field to let listeners in on his range. “When…Now” takes a slicker stab at Rap&B while the track draws influence from modern and mid ’90s records.

“When…Now” provides a good example of how simple chord progressions and melodies yield excellent results. JBird could’ve went all out with an ornate composition to prove how well he can play. The song doesn’t necessitate that kind of action as it’s prime for a quiet storm mix.

That’s all for this crash course on JBird. He has plenty of heat on display on his Soundcloud page so give it a look if you catch yourself subconsciously bouncing to his beats. Now let’s see what TSS’s community thinks of his sound.

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