Malek Makes Magic With Only Some Pencils

09.14.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

malek producer

As a producer, there are times when you search through endless stacks of vinyl or folders of midi instruments and still get stuck without that one sound your beat needs most. However, eclectic Cali producer Malek skips that issue altogether in his latest video, by making a beat with only wood pencils.

Sure, there’s a computer and studio mic involved, but the creative foresight on display by this instrumental enigma is quite apparent. Plus, despite being made merely from Ticonderoga knock-offs, the end product is just as good anything made by most normal means of production – proving it’s not about the sounds, but the mind maneuvering the melody.

That being said, producers should remember Malek’s magic next time they’re stuck from being stubborn about finding that ideal sound.

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