Prostitutes? There’s An App For That

04.21.10 7 years ago 18 Comments

Maybe that guy that left his iPhone at the bar was in a rush. Maybe he was heading to the nearest whorehouse escort service that he found using The Gentleman’s Navigator.

A group of geniuses came up with this app that lets you find strip clubs and escorts with a quick city earch (domestic and abroad for you international blowjingle connoisseurs). They offer addresses, numbers, and ratings for the strip clubs and e-mail for the escorts so you can order your rub n’ tug without them hearing your voice. Of course, Apple got rid of their nude apps so there’s no telling how long this will be available, so hurry!

If they don’t have your city, don’t fret. They’re in the beta stage, ready to fulfill your gentlemanly urges. Because only a gentleman knows how to find a $40 blowy on his iPhone.

Visit The Gentleman’s Navigator official site for the full details.

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