Puff Daddy Ft. Rick Ross & French Montana – “Big Homie” Video

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03.31.14 15 Comments


Several weeks ago, I told a friend Jennifer Lopez’s “I Luh Ya Papi” song and video were beneath the singer.

As much as I love to watch her wiggle her ass, she’s far too old to play the Nicki Minaj role. She’s 40+, a couple of kids deep and out here pushing “I Luv Yuh Papi”? She’s assumed to be a millionaire and on national TV multiple nights a week via American Idol. You don’t work you way up to the top of the food chain to fall back and act like that.

Same thing applies to J.Lo’s former flame Puffy. I clearly understand it’s all entertainment but Sean’s come too far to revert to reciting lowest common denominator raps penned by French Montana on “Big Homie.” Some of these cats have to rap because that’s either what they do or they weren’t able to transition in life and their careers. Going back to his Puffy persona doesn’t absolve Sean P. Diddy of backsliding, wasting his time rapping when he just launched his own damn TV channel. You have freakin’ Revolt. WHY ARE YOU STILL RAPPING? Better yet, you’re tiptoeing around 45 years old. Why are you relishing that “ratchet bitches” still love you?

With all of his success, Puffy could serve the community greater by sharing his knowledge and wisdom. Not by cavorting around, catering to twentysomethings by making attempts at club bangers. They aren’t listening to you, Sean.

The idea of aging gracefully was explained by No Malice, as he declared Clipse to be effectively dead to him.

“He went on to say he feels like doing secular music would be a step back in his life, before closing the door on any hope of a reunion. ‘Do people want me to keep repeating my past life? What I would like to think is my audience who grew up with me are still growing up. I can’t cater to every generation that comes up under it’s like repeating third grade over and over again. No, I’m somewhere else now. I am not doing another Clipse album.’”

Quoting his words from the opening monologue, Puff, “don’t be afraid to get old, man.”

* — Actually, Nicki Minaj is too damn old to play the Nicki Minaj role.

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