Puff Daddy Eats ‘Booty-O’s’ On WWE Monday Night Raw

08.08.16 1 year ago

Puff Daddy ate some “Booty-O’s.”

Just let it sink in that Puff ate a handful of booty.

Now for the context. As a guest on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, Puff found himself in a conversation with Mick Foley and the New Day. After promoting the Bad Boy Reunion Tour and giving Foley tickets to the first stop, in came the New Day. Seeing as how they’re like three of WWE’s nine black wrestlers, they actually didn’t look puzzled when he named the lineup for the concert – unlike Foley.*

New Day then offered Poppa Diddy Pop a box of their signature cereal and as this is a man who just cannot stop, he dug in.

Why Mick Foley decided to steal cereal from the man will forever be a mystery, but they’ll always have that moment when he asked if Faith would be performing at the concert. Ever the businessman, Puff couldn’t let a minute pass without promoting his show or the fact that he’s producing the soundtrack for WWE 2K17. At least that last part felt right for the moment. It was tough watching him list the members of the Bad Boy family only to have the crowd give him audible crickets.

I just hope the cereal was good and didn’t taste like its namesake.

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