“Take Me To The Boss…”

03.24.09 9 years ago 18 Comments

…Like the Mike Tyson code on Punch Out…”

My daughter brought her Wii over one weekend. While it won’t replace actual physical activity & fresh air, it will leave you gasping for air because does require movement. Mind you, I smoke two plus packs per day so anything strenuous is going to cause me to wheeze a little. After we played tennis, bowled & did three rounds on the punching bag with whatever game it was she had me playing, I was pooped. “Whew, Daddy needs a cigarette little Mocha Bear.”

But I’m going to ignore all that, up the life insurance policy & give this new version of Punch Out a chance when it drops. I’ll be ok all the way up to Speedy Honda.


Del The Funky Homosapien – Get It Right Now

Black Lips – Short Fuse

Vet! – You Can’t Afford It

Naledge – Naledge In The House

Yo Gotti – Sold Out

Ludacris & Shawna – Everybody Drunk


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