Pusha T Finally Comes Clean On Dissin’ Birdman In The Past

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01.12.16 13 Comments
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I feel like Pusha T read Bans’ piece criticizing him for constantly taking shots at Cash Money but not owning up to them. While he hasn’t fessed up regarding jabs at Drake and Lil Wayne, he’s continuing expressing his disdain for Birdman and admits sending subliminals in the direction of the Cash Money boss previously in rhymes.

“This song is a direct response to Birdman,” Push told Genius as part of their new annotation feature. “He said ’Kanye is alright but what are the rest of them doing?’ Who is this guy to speak on the dynamics of G.O.O.D. Music? We have got to be real when people talk out of line. You have to really put the reality of it all in perspective.”

The line in question would be from “New God Flow”: “Step on they necks ’til they can’t breathe, Claim they five stars, but sell you dreams.” While the jab at Birdman may not have been as clear then, what was evident was that Push was “angry,” highlighted by lines like “I think it’s good that ‘Ye got a blow dealer, A hot temper, matched with a cold killer.”

In a way, this is a hollow admission. It’s not like Baby’s going to engage Pusha in a war of words and Lord knows he can’t send Jacquees in to retaliate with rhymes. Right now, Cash Money’s army is running low on soldiers so hitting Birdman in a weak state isn’t really doing much. If the new G.O.O.D. president wants to make things truly exciting, he should go ahead and call out key Young Money members by name and see where that takes us.

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