Pusha T Speaks On Rick Ross Shooting

01.30.13 5 years ago 43 Comments

While likely making media rounds for Wrath Of Caine, Pusha T shed light on his feelings in regards to the recent shooting involving Rick Ross. The braided half of the Clipse speaking carefully says Ross is laying back, presumably gathering his thoughts. Also, he and The Fat Man have the same engineer who Pusha has been in contact with since Monday morning.

Beyond the jokes and pure disdain, the fact Ross is still breathing following an alleged attempt on his life is a positive. As a genre, our violent past remains a black eye on an art form which continues to become a bigger and more influential entity with each passing endorsement. Love Ross, that’s fine. Hate everything he represents as a musician and a man outside the booth, that’s fine, too. But to wish death upon the man because of perceived slights through his music and what’s seen on TV means one thing. It’s time to take a character analysis of the man in the mirror.

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