Pusha T Talks New Re-Up Gang Mixtape, “Long Live The Cain”

01.11.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

Finally. After shifting gears to focus on spiritual matters rather than music, Pusha T’s big brother Malice appears ready to dive back into the Hip-Hop pool. That’s right, folks, the Clipse are back together and will reunite for a new Re-Up Gang mixtape titled Long Live The Cain. The project will feature Push and Mal (and the less-heralded Ab-Liva) together for the first time since 2009’s ‘Till The Casket Drops.

Pusha discusses the mixtape in a candid interview with Fuse, stating that “Long Live The Cain is going to to go back to something you guys know as the Re-Up Gang.” Judging by the title of the mixtape and the history preceding it, expect a lot of cocaine-laced lyrics. Nothing too ignorant; consider it a thinking man’s trap-rap. The real story, of course, is how Malice sounds after such an extended hiatus. What made The Clipse work so well was his introspection blended with Pusha’s hubris. The two complemented each other perfectly. Despite the long absence, my money is on a banger since the Thornton brothers have continually shown they know a thing or two about Hip-Hop. As a reminder of what we’re in for, we’ll throw in “Roll With Da Winners,” one of my favorite WGI4C tracks, for reference purposes.

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