Q-Tip Links With Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio For Native Tongues TV Series

01.11.14 4 years ago 14 Comments

Q-Tip is pairing with longtime friend and The Wolf Of Wall Street star Leonardo Di Caprio, as well as Leo’s Wolf co-star Jonah Hill, to develop a scripted series based on the Native Tongues crew. The dramatic series will be based on Tip’s experiences as a member of A Tribe Called Quest and the relationships with the other members of the group and the larger Native Tongues collective. While in the very early stages of development (there’s currently no writer yet attached to the project), the news is exciting.

With reality shows currently cornering the market on televised Hip-Hop (insert Steebie J face here), a story like the rise of the Native Tongues, replete with conflict, creativity and innovation, would be a refreshing addition to any network’s lineup.

If Tip and Leo are still looking for a writer, I know one with zero experience, but happens to be really, really, cheap. *makes universal “call me” hand gesture*

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